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BMW   R nine T 
Replacement Lower Footpeg
Fits R nine T, and Pure.
-Does not fit R nineT Racer, Scrambler, Urban GS.

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R9T footpeg

This billet aluminum footpeg positions the riders foot 1.2" (30mm) lower than the factory pegs.
The top surface is gently radiused for good contact over a range of leg angles.
A fine tooth pattern provides excellent grip.
A set screw at the inboard end allows fine tilt (dihedral) adjustment.
Return springs fit in a recess in the front surface of the peg body. 
Kit includes left and right pegs and  custom springs.


Does not fit R nine T Racer which uses an S1000RR footpeg.
Does not fit the newer Scrambler and Urban GS models which use a GS footpeg.

  Order online via our secure server or call Suburban at 1-440-951-6555

DRF9 -  $209.95 / Pair

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