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DRF8 - lower  footpeg kit for BMW R1200GS 2005 -2012 & ADV 2006-2013
DRF811 -
lower  footpeg kit for all R1100GS, R1150GS:   down 1.5"
DRF8W - lower  for R1200/1250GS Water Cooled 2013 & newer.
lower  for R1200/1250GSA Adventure Water Cooled 2014 & newer.
DRF8 and DRF8W down 1.25"
P17 passenger footpeg higher (2.0")

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New grip pattern 2019

Grip pattern

This is the latest grip pattern for the DRF8 series footpegs.
The new pegs are slightly wider with a smaller center slot and four rows of teeth.

Old grip pattern

The following pictures are here to show how the pegs fit to the bike.


Factory peg, right side view

On R1200GSW, DRF8W - peg- 1.28" lower than rubber insert,
1" lower than metal teeth



Peg designed to clear brake pedal mounting bolt.

New external spring and hardware included.


Peg is tilt adjustable using 8mm set screw.

Length overall 4.75"
Width 1.6"
Grip surface length 3.4"

  P17 passenger footpeg higher,
shown on R1200RT

Left side


Go to GS passenger peg page ---> 

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Passenger footpeg lowering Kit

P16N installed on R1200GSW

The 2006 & newer R1200GS does not have an adjustable stop on the brake pedal.
On previous models the brake pedal could
 be adjusted to a lower position to allow easier access when using our lower footpeg kits. This feature has been eliminated by the factory.

 R1200GS 2005-2012 (Oilhead)
DRF8 peg 1.5" lower than factory peg.

R1200GS ADVENTURE 2006 -2013 (Oilhead)
DRF8 peg, 1.25" lower than factory peg.

DRF8W - (2013 & newer) R1200GSW/ADV  &  R1250GS/ADV  Peg Kit -  $219.95

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DRF8 - (2005-2012) R1200GS "Oilhead" Peg Kit -  $219.95

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DRF811 - (1995-2004) R1100GS & R1150GS  Peg Kit -  $219.95

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P17- K1600GT/GTL - R1100RT- R1150RT- R1200RT - R1200RTW - R1250RTW
Passenger Foot peg 2" raising Kit -  $199.95   Add to Cart

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