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BMW R850R , R1100R , R1100RS 

now use the driver's foot peg lowering kit
from the R1200RT 

Handlebar riser (Part # R3 ) also fits the R1100R/R850R
Position change .894" up , 0.447" back, pictured below.

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DL3N footpeg lowering kit


R1200RT pictured.  Position change 1.45" down, 0.38" forward.


This R1100R has the optional center console.
In this case the R3 will not fit on this bike.

-Part# R3-
Handlebar Ups for the R1100R/R850R 
These are slightly different than the R1200RT risers.
There is a special clearance cut for the fork tube.
Position change .894" up , .447" back

 DL3N - R850R / R1100R / RS / R1100RT/R1150RT/R1200RT/RTW
Foot peg  Lowering Kit - $199.95
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R3-R1100R/R1100RT/R1150RT Handlebar UP  Kit - $119.95

Passenger Foot peg lowering Kit - $199.95  

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17- K1600GT/GTL -R11/1150RT-R1200RT-R11/1150GS-R1200GS 
Passenger Foot peg raising Kit -  $199.95  
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